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Upper Parramatta River Catchment Education Resource Kit, 2002

In 2002 the Upper Parramatta River Catchment Trust engaged consultants Oz GREEN to develop an environmental education kit for secondary schools in the catchment.

The kit includes:

  • Information Sheets at a catchment and sub-catchment level on a range of topics such as biodiversity, landuse, geomorphology, rainfall and environmental issues pertinent to the catchment.
  • a range of activities linked to the Geography and Science curricula and the Department of Education and Training Environmental Education Policy.
  • Local catchment and school based teaching and learning activities for Science and HSIE curricula.
  • Field trips with all needed logistical and background information detailed.
  • A range of maps such as topographic, geomorphology and social maps and aerial photos

Each section is available as downloadable pdf. For en entire copy on CD please contact the Trust.



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