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Causes of poor water quality


Issue Source(s) Associated Problems in Creeks
Sewage Pollution
  • sewer overflows
  • leakage from mains and private sewer lines
  • pathogens including bacteria (eg. E.coli) and protozoa (eg. Cryptosporidium and Giardia) may be released into creeks, posing a risk to human and animal health
  • nutrients
  • chemicals such as detergents
  • an increase in total dissolved solids, including salt
  • endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) may be released in sewage, with the potential to affect important functions in the human body
Oils, grease and other chemicals
  • industry
  • motor vehicles
  • poor disposal of domestic wastes
  • toxic to aquatic life, destroys food chain
  • kills plants and animals
  • chemicals take a long time to break down
  • fertilizer run-off
  • sewer overflows
  • stormwater
  • increased growth of algae and weeds leading to low oxygen levels
  • changes to food chain
  • car washing
  • sewer overflows
  • stormwater run-off
  • harmful to aquatic life
  • adds nutrients
  • increases turbidity of water
Litter and rubbish
  • shopping centres
  • domestic waste
  • illegal dumping
  • wind
  • stormwater run-off
  • roads
  • unsightly
  • adds chemicals to creeks
  • harmful to animals
  • encourages weed growth
  • dumped rubbish
  • upstream infestations
  • birds and wind
  • stormwater
  • loss of native flora and fauna
  • changed nutrient cycling
  • changed light conditions
  • changed stream dynamics and sedimentation
  • development sites
  • erosion
  • stormwater run-off
  • increased turbidity
  • in-filling of creek pools
  • weed growth
  • stormwater run-off
  • illegal dumping
  • spray drift
  • toxic to aquatic life
  • long persistence in sediments
  • harmful to human health
Changes to creek flow
  • reduced vegetation and increased paved and impermeable surfaces in urban areas
  • erosion
  • steepens creek channels
  • widened creeks and damaged creekline vegetation and sedimentation downstream



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